What is it that makes Aesthetic Insurance at Cosmetic Insure stand out from the crowd?

Cosmetic Insure is a specialist provider of  Aesthetic Insurance products and services specifically designed for the Cosmetic Insurance industry. Whether providing botox and dermal fillers or the latest laser treatments, our experienced team can offer free advice on all products from Medical Malpractice to our comprehensive Clinic package designed to protect your premises, equipment and legal obligations to your employees.


We use the collective leverage of our many clients to create a buying force that allows us to offer extensive policy covers at the most competitive prices. We believe that cost and scope of protection are equally important and neither should be compromised. As an approved and recommended insurance broker to the Aesthetic Industry, we have partnered with leading Cosmetic Insurers so you can feel secure in the knowledge that you are insuring with Aesthetic Insurance experts.

Cosmetic Insure is a Lloyd’s Coverholder and works with a panel of industry specialist insurers ensuring that the cover and price suits your every requirement.  Talk to us about Aesthetic Insurance today.

Cosmetic Insure Statement

A New Year brings new challenges and 2021 is no exception!

Insurance, however, does not need to be a challenge.

Cosmetic Insure are here to make it easy for you.


Things to consider….


• Know and adhere to Government guidelines

• Medical Malpractice policies are there to protect you, let them do just that. Do not cancel your policy as it has to be in force to cover you for all the treatments you have provided in the past.

• Any treatment undertaken strictly as part of a medical emergency to avoid injury or infection will be covered provided that such treatment complies with Government Guidance.


We can face 2021 together.



Cosmetic Insure in conversation with Consulting Room

Our Director Janine Revill recently spoke to Ron Myers from Consulting Room to address some popular questions surrounding insurance and COVID 19 in the Aesthetics industry during this time.


You can listen to the full podcast here:





The Parliamentary Review 2019

We are proud to announce we have been chosen to represent the Insurance Industry and partake in The Parliamentary Review 2019.



Whether you are an Individual Aesthetic Practitioner, a Partnership or a Corporate Entity, Cosmetic Insure can provide all of your insurance solutions.



The Cosmetic Insure team are
time served insurance industry professionals, competent to handle the requirements of many different trades and business operations.




Cosmetic Insure prides itself on
having a wealth of experience
in insuring Cosmetic surgical procedures and can cover individual surgeons, private clinics and entity insurance.


The Safety in Beauty

Diamond Awards 2018

Cosmetic Insure are very proud and privileged to have been chosen as the sponsor of the ‘Best Surgeon of the Year Award’.


A huge congratulations to Mr Taimur Shoaib – the winner of this category. Also a massive thank you to Antonia Mariconda, Balsam Alabassi and everyone else for such an incredible, memorable evening.

Meet the team

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible service to our customers that has been made possible by our brilliant experienced expert staff. If you would like to join our ever expanding team and join us in our quest to assist everyone in the cosmetic sector if anything goes wrong, send us you contact information or email us your CV.



Aesthetic Insurance

Cosmetic insurance is crucial to ensuring your continued success as an aesthetic practitioner or surgeon. If things go wrong and you haven’t secured adequate aesthetic insurance, then you will be personally liable for any compensation claims made against you, as well as any legal fees. Insurance for cosmetics ensures that you are not alone when things go wrong, meaning that you can focus on what you're best at, while Cosmetic Insure takes care of the rest.


Why do I need cosmetic insurance?


Without aesthetic insurance, you risk losing your reputation, bank balance and even your business! As with anything, there is always a small chance that things could go wrong. Although you inform clients of any risks beforehand, any aesthetic practice could result in unintentional issues. Here at Cosmetic Insure, we can protect you in the event of a mishap by providing experience, knowledge and money to ensure the best outcome for you and your business whether you are at fault or not.


If a client makes a claim against you, you will need to defend this claim - but this will take time, effort and money. Of course, it will also result in a great deal of stress, so let a cosmetic insurance company take the hassle out of defending a claim so that you can focus on what matters to your business.


What kind of insurance for aesthetics do I need?


The type and level of cover you require will depend upon the treatments you offer clients and whether or not you require individual cosmetic insurance cover or business cover as well. At the very least, you should purchase medical malpractice cosmetic insurance, which will cover you in the event of a client’s injury, illness or death. A second necessary type of insurance for an aesthetic practitioner is public liability insurance, which covers accidents at your clinic, e.g. slips and trips, and if you visit clients in their own homes. Cosmetic Insure also offers a range of aesthetic insurance products helping to cover the equipment you use and business interruption insurance in the event of a calamity.


As a Lloyds Coverholder, Cosmetic Insure are in a fantastic position to provide you with optimum coverage at competitive prices. So, to find out what kind of insurance will be most suitable for your circumstances, speak with one of our industry specialists today by calling 0345 600 8288 or sending us a message via our contact form.



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