FACExpert 2023 

We are thrilled to be a key sponsor for this years FACExpert Event on 4th November 2023 at the  Royal Society of Medicine in London.

FACExpert 2023

FACExpert 2023 is a pioneer event that brings together the expertise of facial surgeons and dermatologists to provide advanced non-surgical aesthetics education. It aims to bridge the gap between surgical and non-surgical approaches and promote the learning of advanced facial anatomy in the aesthetic mainstream.

The event is open to registered healthcare professionals, such as doctors, dentists, and nurses, who are already established in the non-surgical aesthetics market. The event is also designed for surgeons of all levels and specialities who are interested in how non-surgical aesthetics treatments may relate to, integrate with and complement surgical aesthetics practice.

The one-day meeting will take place on Saturday, November 4, 2023, at the Royal Society of Medicine in London. It will feature a lecture theatre-based educational programme led by expert injectors, surgeons, and global KOLs, with a post-event networking session with drinks and canapes.

Highlights for the FACExpert 2023 Event

FACExpert 2023
FACExpert 2023
FACExpert 2023
FACExpert 2023

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Download the full event agenda for FACE Expert, 4th November 2023. 

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